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Issue 61


Melissa Pritchard’s fiction focuses on the life of a holy fool; Sara Zarr remembers the Jesus Movement; and Marilyn Nelson writes that “contemplative life has no frontiers.” With poems by Floyd Skloot, Jill Peláez Baumgaerter, Amy Newman, and Hannah Faith Notess; a conversation with Madeline DeFrees; an essay by pastor Debbie Blue; an in-depth look at the art of Jerzy Nowosielski; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, The Tragic Sense of Life


Melissa Pritchard, Pelagia, Holy Fool
Wilmer Mills, Thoughts from Port Royal, Kentucky


Marilyn Nelson, The Contemplative Life
Jill Peláez Baumgaerter, Two Poems
Alice Friman, Two Poems
Claire McGoff, The Dawning
John J. Brugaletta, Teach Us to Pray
Clare Rossini, Argument in Memoriam
Adrie Kusserow, Two Poems
Floyd Skloot, Two Poems
Elisabeth Murawski, Two Poems
Amy Newman, When the Dove Flew Overhead
Carolyne Wright, Snow before Sleep: A Reflection in Winter
Hannah Faith Notess, Two Poems


A Conversation with Madeline DeFrees

Visual Arts

Artur Rosman, Acquainted with the Night: The Art of Jerzy Nowosielski
Katie Kresser, Night Vision: Jacques Maritain and the Meaning of Art


Debbie Blue, Making It Strange
A.G. Harmon, Portraits of the Sonata: Desire and Transformation in Modern European Cinema


Sara Zarr, Who Is My Mother, Who Are My Brothers?

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