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Issue 77


A conversation with memoirist Dennis Covington; Daniel Siedell on the art of Anselm Kiefer; and poetry by Scott Cairns, Eric Pankey, Gina Franco, and Ciaran Berry. Plus, Susanne Antonetta travels to sacred site Chimayo; Gregory Wolfe revels in “slow culture”; and Paula Huston shows us how artist David Dewey “attends to the light.”

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Slow Culture


John Biguenet, Ex Cathedra
Christian Michener, Ordinary Ghosts


Scott Cairns, Three Poems
Eric Pankey, Two Poems
Susan L. Miller, Paradise
Claire Bateman, The Perfectly Transparent Splinter
Megan Snyder-Camp, Two Poems
Ciaran Berry, How the Band Becomes One Body
Gina Franco, Foundations of a Marvelous Science
Michael Mott, Letter VII from the Western Coast
Fleda Brown, Two Poems


A Conversation with Dennis Covington

Visual Arts

Daniel A. Siedell, Where Do You Stand? Anselm Kiefer’s Visual and Verbal Artifacts
Paula Huston, Attending to the Light: The Landscapes of David Dewey


Peggy Rosenthal, An Apprenticeship in Affliction: Waiting with Simone Weil
Fred Bahnson, The Underground Life of Prayer


Susanne Antonetta, With Saint Christopher at Chimayo

Book Review

Katie Kresser on Alex Danchev’s Cézanne: A Life
Johannes Grave’s Caspar David Friedrich
Ross King’s Leonardo and the Last Supper

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