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Bon Iver: A Little Town of People Trying to Be Good

By Jack NuelleSeptember 20, 2019

Sacred Harp (or shape-note) singing is one of the oldest American forms of sacred music, an a cappella, social form (the “sacred harp” refers to the human voice) that results in a cavernous, exultant sound. There is no single leader of a “singing.” The singers—they might number in the hundreds at the biggest gatherings—sit or…

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Between Friends: Revisiting Rushmore

By Jennifer Hawk and Tania RunyanJune 11, 2019

Decades ago, in the faraway land of Orange County, California, Jennifer Hawk and Tania Runyan shared a number of classes but traveled in different social circles. Tania was scary nerdy awkward—E.T. and Laura Ingalls’ lovechild–and Jen was scary sexy cool, black eyeliner, skateboards, and bands Tania couldn’t pronounce. But in the past few years they’ve…

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