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Something Other than Devotion: Bored with the Renaissance, Surprised by the Contemporary

Unlike a pilgrimage to the Uffizi, Paolini’s installations ask for something other than devotion; his work occasioned in me a kind of wondering that was something other than awe. It invites conversation rather than adulation. The artist is relinquishing control rather than demanding attention.

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All Her Beautiful Children

In the garden, love is dirt and rain: through every wet blossoming Joanna hears children singing—

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But what is wrestling

if not an embrace? It’s too dark to know
you have the same face

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Cherub Paul Desmond

Paul Desmond was a famous jazz musician.
He could play altissimo, the highest register.
His tone was light as a soul leaving the body.

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Explosives, Once Signaled

Everything inside a mountain

has the right to be forgotten, but I have
the right to know, to access, make the coal seam


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The Master

Relationships, she believed, were built not on loyalty but a system of material and emotional labor, wherein you paid a percentage of your valuable time and energy to receive a percentage of someone else’s valuable time and energy in return. She was suspicious of anyone who claimed purer motives.

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so efficiently do quail become creators
of quail like God filling the
desert floor with quail for his


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On Walking Alone at Night

After watching him for a few measures’ time, I walk on. I have no interest in spying. I only look at the things that I am allowed to see from the sidewalk.

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Aphorism 48: Faith Is the Bird That Sings in the Dark

our hearts labor at salvation
despite our honest efforts to resist

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John Descarfino's painting "Interlayer"

Bodies of Light: A Study in Windows

I see my paintings and drawings as invitations to encounter a lived environment slowly, fully, and reflectively.

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