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By Luci Shaw Poetry

The trees of evening are filled, a sieve of leaves and small birds, the resident choir offering an evening orison of twitter. But look! high on the power line a singular sentinel robin conducts the evening’s benediction of western light glittering across the bay, between the islands, all the way to Canada.     Luci…

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By Luci Shaw Poetry

Summer already fading, out of the question. Light / arrives at an oblique angle. Scatters of rain. Yet here / we are, alive and attentive

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The Double Lamp of Solitude

By Joshua Edwards Poetry

Occasionally, she would indulge / in controlled acts of remembrance, / letting the distant world intrude. / She found this sometimes helpful / to her investigations, but a little / went a long way.

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By Jared Carter Poetry

But innocence / / Is not responsibility / cleansed by command / And water, lifted, can but flee / the trembling hand.

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Plague Psalm 90

By Philip Metres Poetry

A psalm for the plague year by Philip Metres: “Loss, you have been our regent, / Refusing the refugees / you sent. / / Truly we’re boxed in an annex / Of the mansion / of your text.”

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By Jonathan Farmer Poetry

I felt / the soil-dark downward / proof of being, the earth / an appetite, an almost-love, the air / a meeting ground, / the whole of seeing / seeable

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