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From Until the Victim Becomes Our Own

By Dimitris Lyacos Fiction

They had set up tents. Not all; some had a few blankets thrown down and were lying on them. Often there was a man with a woman and child on each blanket. It seemed a little odd to me, because some had dug a hole and built a shallow shelter with the blanket on top. It might get very windy and cold at night.

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Imagining Water: Myth, Ritual, and a Changing Planet

By Susan Hoffman Fishman Visual Art

NEAR THE REPUTED SITE of the Garden of Eden, an international team of environmental engineers, sewage treatment experts, and others are restoring historic marshlands in what has become a desert wasteland. They are creating a new Eden—not simply a public works project that will filter wastewater for the Ahwar region in southern Iraq, but also…

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