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The Madman’s Prayer

By Víctor Rodríguez Núñez Poetry

He shelters in you this man ________________________whom no one knew or everyone forgot —His unknown girlfriend ______________________mirrors ___________________________   the quiet dog This case forgotten by his country _________that called him the Madman Member of the squadron that recovered Maceo’s body _________________________still breathing To guard it here ______________beneath this sun that captures these words —String…

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El Cristo de Piedra

By Orlando Ricardo Menes Poetry

Valle de Viñales, Cuba, 2002 In this valley where limestone hills jut out like hairy moles over furrows of tobacco, a rock-face Christ sprawls on a skew cross, as if a child had taken loose chert to etch his fanged mouth, stick legs, twigged fingers. I touch gouged eyes that weep candle wax, caress his…

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