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English Library, Yali School

By Jacqueline Osherow Poetry

The ancients,” she says, “thought rivers began in heaven.” / Don’t they? But I’m too amazed to listen. / “We have the same words,” I say. “In our ancient Bible / all the rivers run to the sea. But ours return.

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Santo Spirito

By Jacqueline Osherow Poetry

In Leonardo’s  
is there a dove?  
I certainly can’t 
find one—but  
Leonardo is famous 
for hiding things,  

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Three Verses from Hallel:
Out of the Narrow Place

By Jacqueline Osherow Essay

From the narrow place, I called out to God; He answered me from the wideness of God. I OFFER THIS SOMEWHAT HOMELY, literal translation of Psalm 118, verse 5, because it seems to me—in its beautiful Hebrew, if not this clunky English version—to encapsulate what poetry is (or, at least, what it can be) more…

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