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A Bridge to Job

By Adonis Poetry

A. The Moroccan Quarter, Jerusalem¹   Will that museum, the Museum of the Wailing Wall, ever welcome a swallow, or shake the hand of the Mediterranean, _________________as Cadmus and Ulysses did? Will it ever bring a woman back to life, the woman Europe was named after? Peace unto you, human steps, _________________you have become an…

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By Robert Cording Essay

The Word-Soaked World Troubling the Lexicon of Art and Faith Since 1989, Image has hosted a conversation at the nexus of art and faith among writers and artists in all forms. As the conversation has evolved, certain words have cropped up again and again: Beauty. Mystery. Presence. For this issue, we invited a handful of…

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Small Graces

By Mark Wagenaar Poetry

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada  I’m trying to follow the letters my brother’s toe outlines in the air as he twitches through an invisible alphabet to rehab the frayed ligaments. Pointe work penance for a former fútbol player, as he describes the gentle donkeys last year in Red Rock Canyon, how they nosed his hand, nuzzled…

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