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By Marlene Olin Essay

I was trying to pray. How I yearned to pray! But I was both fascinated and repelled by this man’s presence.

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Loud Lake

By Mary Kenagy Mitchell Fiction

IT WAS AGAINST CAMP RULES to be out on the water before breakfast, but Pete guessed that his father would be secretly proud of him, and probably relieved too. In the east the sky was turning white, and the last stars were disappearing over the opposite shore. The sun would rise in half an hour,…

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Lessons of a Gentle Childhood

By Jeff Gundy Poetry

Under this skylight many lost things are visible. I see the mighty black and yellow spiders in the iris beds by the old garage and feel not a shred of fear. I could husk two dozen sticky ears of sweet corn and pick two quarts of strawberries on my achy knees without whining once. I…

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Grace in Action or Murphy’s Law in Reverse

By Karen An-hwei Lee Poetry

                 Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It is what the law says. However, the summer of our prayers was one of grace in action. An outage from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon never occurred despite all the signs. I witnessed utility men working in the street as well…

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