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It’s as though a lion had overeaten.
——-—In the small pen
—————–—of the oval

mirror, light is clearly feeling
——-—its daylong

Blessings brighten
——-—as they take their

but this is not to do
——-—with any particular
—————–—curse. As the sun

drains from the oval
——-—mirror, evening

with its tilted
——-—surface. As though
—————–—a lion

had overeaten. As though
——-—a Samson
—————–—stooped in the shadows

ready to tear
——-—the sunset open. Light’s body
—————–—is a sticky

riddle. Out of the eater,
——-—something to eat;
—————–—out of the strong,

something sweet. The riddle
——-—is amber as
—————–—the resinous

hardening of certain
——-—dreams. You must ask
—————–—what it wants and not

what it means. The blessings
——-—of a night
—————–—are many. How

many will any
—————–—Again the sun

will reach some
——-—zenith. The field will feel
—————–—its sky. As a barn swallow

makes a circle of air
——-—and flies
—————–—through vividness

——-—You might try to keep the airy

of russet, black and blue.
——-—You might stop
—————–—where roaring

and vanishing
——-—do. Where vanishing
—————–—and roaring remind

you of
——-—the sea. As memory washes
—————–—by and by

to glass the open
——-—scope of air, to hover
—————–—and render

forward progress
——-—a fragile,

thing. I’ll tell you what
——-—a proverb does. A proverb waits
—————–—for the knowing

animal. A proverb talks
——-—when no
—————–—one listens. A good

hope is better
——-—than a bad

When the cup
——-—is full, carry
—————–—it even. When it rains

all night, sunniness turns a cluster
——-—silver above
—————–—the marsh.

Brings dozens
——-—on dozens
—————–—of dragonflies,

some perfect
—————–—left up in the air.



Sarah Gridley is the author of four books of poetry: Weather Eye Open (California), Green Is the Orator (California), Loom (Omnidawn), and Insofar (New Issues). She is in her second year of a master’s in theological and religious studies at John Carroll University.




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