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Audio: Read by the author. 


A couple drinks. Then what is usually
a schematic of solitude, of grandeur, 

What is frequently a proof of posterity,
an assumption of unattainable wisdom— 

Because we die, we all die, and the oak lives,
those imagined rings like so many glasses 

Set down on a warm wooden table, same
spot, early evening after early evening— 

Became, in my watery mind, a crazy diagram,
conditional, subordinate, parenthetical, 

And I could not follow it for all its impossible
modifiers and negations until ultimately— 

Yet not—after another drink—I ended up appositional, 
swelling alongside the resurrection fern. 



Martha Serpas, a professor at the University of Houston and hospital trauma chaplain, will publish her fourth book of poetry, Double Effect, with LSU Press this fall. 

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