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I am the only hope in any other / guilt
banners asking for your / maximal maximal /
church offering. to pay the surround / in eight choirs. please, think of the self

surveillance my partner required. I recorded the pet ouroboros
ate / bookended / möbius stripped / just had an all-around
naked voiced weekend. monsterly kitsch / is full of what

my medusa—with renaissance / hair rumbles. I have
a funnel of conditioner to waist /
and a pallet glamour / and something to locket / with

—draws as blue foliage. / meaning, eyelashes of the foregrounded /
azure leaves. the polyphylla is striped like a renaissance
slash / sleeve. at the very least, it sounds like / I am a scarab.

no scabs against the strike. here / lie /
parameters, squeezed between
the red queen / and the hoopla / of church. there’s no boundary

but one boundary. how are things? the usual, snakily /
into the extramusical / lying outside the province / of music. ad
banners for attack / and decay triggers / to velcro again.



Stella Wong is the author of Spooks, winner of the Saturnalia Editors Prize, and American Zero, winner of the Two Sylvias Chapbook Prize. A graduate of Harvard and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, her poems have appeared in Poetry, Bennington Review, Los Angeles Review of Books, and more.




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