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Visual Art

———With the temptation to adore the sky only, we started to
———confuse God and the sky. The result is the earth became hell.

————————-—————————-—-—Tara Michaël


I WAS BORN AND RAISED in Normandy, France. Today I live and work partly in New York City and partly in Venice, Italy, where I collaborate with highly skilled artisans: one of the last glass masters in Murano; an eighty-six-year-old bookbinder famous for his innovations in Venetian marbled paper; mirror engravers; a Sicilian lady with a passion for crochet.


Anne Mourier. Loss and Renewal #1, 2021. Fine-art giclée print, wood, Murano glass. 21 x 29 inches.


Anne Mourier. Rosa Salva #9, 2020. Murano glass. 6 x 4 x 2¼ inches.


Anne Mourier. Looking in the Same Direction, 2022.
Carded wool, PVC, glass, metal. 17½ x 9½ x 9½ inches.


Anne Mourier. Ovaries #1, 2016. Murano glass, Burano lace, wool. 15¾ x 20 x 2 inches.


My work investigates the feminine archetype. I like the word “archetype” because my focus is on the timeless values of the feminine in each of us and not on gender. I seek to raise awareness of these values of collaboration, compassion, nurturing, and patience—and I believe they could help us regain balance in a culture that has lost its compass and runs wild.


I maintain that we need more of her: the vessel, the container, the harbor.


A continuing theme in my work is taking care: of our home, of ourselves, of each other. I wish to remind the world of the beauty found in a delicate pile of folded linen, in a bowl of grain, in communing instead of communicating, in breastfeeding and plant-watering, in life cycles, in allowing compassion to permeate everything and reconnect us with our environment.


Anne Mourier. Equilibrium #1, 2019. Fine-art giclée print. 24 x 30 inches.


Anne Mourier. Plenty, 2015. Wooden chest, glass, farro seeds, textile, wax. 10 x 12½ x 15¼ inches.


Anne Mourier. Communication/Communion, 2018. Linen, embroidery floss, wood. 30 x 20½ inches.


Anne Mourier. Rosa Salva #7, 2018. Burano lace, wool, Murano Glass. 18½ x 12¾ inches.


The world is missing a mother. Perhaps she is hidden in what ancient mathematicians called the vesica piscis, in which the marriage of the triangle and the circle creates a mandorla or vulva shape.  The masculine and feminine principles intertwine to form a symbol linked to birth, life, the root of creation, and the materialization of spirit.  In my view—and according to the principle “as above, so below”—this balance is sacred. It is the foundation of what we call harmony and beauty.


Anne Mourier. Aix-X #5, 2018. Dye on textile. 33 x 22 inches.



Anne Mourier is a French-born conceptual artist. She works and lives in New York and Venice, Italy, where she collaborates with highly skilled artisans. Her work has exhibited in several international venues.




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