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Issue 102 Cover

Issue 102 | Fall 2019

Image Issue 102 is the first issue to fully showcase the work of our new editorial team. We think you’ll notice some differences in style that still honor the best of what the journal has always been.

The cover features the work of Israeli artist Leni Dothan, whose photo essay responds to art-historical images of the Madonna and Child. We’re also introducing two new recurring features dreamed up by art editor Aaron Rosen: “In the Studio,” this time with eminent Bahamian sculptor Antonius Roberts, and “Curator’s Corner,” with Eva Fischer-Hausdorf of the Bremen Kunsthalle. Inside you’ll also find: flash fiction by Ed Falco on the resilience of orchids—and humans. Elizabeth Harper on the Sicilian Catholic folk tradition of the Cult of the Beheaded. Heather Burtman on what she learned about God while interning as a hospital chaplain. Nick Ripatrazone on horror films that don’t believe in God. Katrina Vandenberg on the strange phenomenon of jam. Art advisor Nausikaa El-Mecky asks: can acts of destruction also be works of art? Plus an interview with novelist William Giraldi, poetry by Robert Fernandez, Christopher Howell, Elena Karina Byrne, and more.

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