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Coming back from the dead

By Paul Mariani Poetry

can be disconcerting take it from one who’s been there hobbling on rubber legs through fifty shades of graves to end up riding down a metal tunnel that kept screeching ha! haha! ha! your body strapped to a gurney where (ha ha!) if you blinked the whole insane scenario would have to be replayed and…

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Shoemaker in Fallujah

By Asnia Asim Poetry

You feet! I resign myself to you—I know what you —–mean, I behold in my hands your soft heel, your crooked toes I shape like couplets a cow’s hide, I make it understand —–the length of your walk, the refrain of your adventures, —–the places you will see I put bows on the pink shoes…

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Stuart Devlin’s Sculpture

By Les Murray Poetry

Modern coins the sizes of shine swept off my friend’s bureau in Ghent and pocketed by my careless habit— not brown pennies too dull to return they include designer Devlin’s sculpture of the duckbilled animal swimming up to the top swirl and five kangaroo tails mixed to a dollar. When the Irish attained their republic…

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Wonders of the Invisible World

By Claire Bateman Poetry

1. Doesn’t everybody get a strange life? Don’t we all get to walk around inside ourselves all day long and sleep there through the whole night? Don’t we all have permanent access to the magnum and the minimum opus, the rising up and the sinking down? Aren’t we granted the right to refrain from occupying…

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By Jane St. Clair Short Story

IT WAS MY IDEA to volunteer as a clown, but it was my therapist who suggested that I work as a mute because I am so talkative. That way I’d have to use my face and props to communicate instead of words. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be, for I quickly got…

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The Bell Game

By Allison Pinkerton Short Story

THE WEIRDEST THING about what happened after everyone vanished? The church bells wouldn’t stop tolling. 1) Nobody died. It was an eternal life situation. 2) It was annoying for all the people who were left, always having to listen to bells every second that reminded them that 1) they should go to church more often…

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