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Issue 55

This special issue features a symposium of writers responding to the question Why Believe in God? The editors of Image envisioned this not as a rebuttal in the dryly argumentative style of the so-called New Atheists, but as a way of allowing writers and artists to address the question through intuition and imagination. The symposium (also available by itself in book form) contains reflections from poets B.H. Fairchild and Martha Serpas, fiction writers Doris Betts and Ron Hansen, essayist Richard Rodriguez, filmmaker Wim Wenders, songwriter Linford Detweiler (of Over the Rhine), and more. Plus, poetry by Ilya Kaminsky, a conversation with Walter Brueggemann, fiction by A.G. Mojtabai, the art of Barry Krammes, and much more.

Table of Contents

Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, The Humiliation of the Word


A.G. Mojtabai, Signs and Wonders

Elizabeth Smither, The Hippocratic Oath

Anthony Bukoski, The Shadow Players


Jillian Barnet, Death Seat

Ilya Kaminsky, In Our Time

David Brendan Hopes, Carol of the Infuriated Hour
Carol of the Christ Child's Garden

Jack Stewart, Bread for the Multitude
The Last Supper

Brendan Galvin, A Second Coming at Providence Plantation
This Morning's Pep Talk at Egg Island

Peter Cooley, Great Issues

Why Believe in God?

Doris Betts, The Renewable Vow

Ben Birnbaum, Jerusalem Manor

Richard Chess, What about God?

Dennis Covington, The Persistence of Faith

Linford Detweiler, A Song before Dying

B.H. Fairchild, Credo

Ron Hansen, A Light Infused

Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Scientific Method

Richard Jones, The Last Book on the Shelf

Sydney Lea, The Pragmatist's Prayer

Gina Ochsner, Facts about the Moon

Suzanne Paola, A Fluid Compendium

Richard Rodriguez, Atheism Is Wasted on the Nonbeliever

Martha Serpas, Old River

Wim Wenders, Interrogation


Bradford Winters, A Conversation with Walter Brueggemann

Visual Arts

Christina Valentine, Barry Krammes: Shepherd of the Wasteland

Tom Devonshire Jones, A Geology of the Sacred: Stephen Cox Reopens the Ancient Quarries


Margaret Gibson, Faith, Hope, Charity

Book Review

Peggy Rosenthal, Bruce Beasley's The Corpse Flower
David Craig's Mary's House
Todd Davis's Some Heaven

Richard Jones's Apropos of Nothing


Jillian Barnet’s poetry has appeared in North American Review, Nimrod, Bellingham Review, and elsewhere, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She received her MFA from Vermont College in 2003.

Anthony Bukoski’s short story collections Children of Strangers, Polonaise, Time between Trains, and the forthcoming North of the Port are published by Southern Methodist University Press. The title story from the last collection was read by Liev Schreiber on National Public Radio’s Selected Shorts.

Peter Cooley is a professor of English at Tulane University in New Orleans, where he teaches creative writing. He has published seven books of poetry, most recently The Astonished Hours, Sacred Conversations, and A Place Made of Starlight (all from Carnegie Mellon). A new volume, Divine Margins, will be released by Carnegie Mellon in 2007.

Tom Devonshire Jones is the founder and emeritus director of Art and Christianity Enquiry ( An Anglican priest for forty-five years, he has served in the dioceses of Portsmouth, Connecticut, Canterbury, and London. He received a Lambeth degree from the Archbishop of Canterbury in recognition of the ACE’s work.

Brendan Galvin is the author of thirteen collections of poems, including The Strength of a Named Thing, Sky and Island Light, and Place Keepers (all from Louisiana State), and the narrative poem Hotel Malabar (Iowa), winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize. His Habitat: New and Selected Poems 1965-2005 (also from Louisiana State) was a finalist for the National Book Award, and his translation of Sophocles’ Women of Trachis appeared in the Penn Greek Drama Series in 1998. Other awards include Guggenheim and NEA fellowships.

Margaret Gibson is the author of nine books of poetry from Louisiana State University Press, including: The Vigil, a finalist for the National Book Award; Long Walks in the Afternoon, a Lamont Selection of the Academy of American Poets; and most recently One Body. “Faith, Hope, and Charity” is a chapter of a memoir, The Prodigal Daughter, to be published by University of Missouri Press in March of 2008. She lives in Preston, Connecticut.

David Brendan Hopes is a professor of literature and language at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, founder and editor of Urthona Press, and founder and director of the Black Swan Theater in Asheville. He is the author of A Sense of the Morning (Milkweed); The Glacier’s Daughters (Massachusetts), winner of both the Juniper and Saxifrage Prizes; and A Dream of Adonis (Pecan Grove). His work has appeared in the New Yorker, Audubon, Christopher Street, and The Sun.

Ilya Kaminsky is the author of Dancing in Odessa (Tupelo), winner of the Whiting Writer’s Award and the Academy of American Arts and Letters’ Metcalf Award.

A.G. Mojtabai lives in Amarillo, Texas, and is currently at work on her tenth book. Her publications include the nonfiction Blessed Assurance: At Home with the Bomb in Amarillo, Texas (Houghton Mifflin), the interlocking story collection Soon: Tales from Hospice (Zoland), and the novel All That Road Going, forthcoming next spring from Northwestern University Press. She has received awards from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the Southern Regional Council.

Peggy Rosenthal is the director of Poetry Retreats, an arts ministry offered through seminars and retreats around the country. She writes widely on poetry as a spiritual resource. Her books include Praying through Poetry: Hope for Violent Times (Saint Anthony Messenger) andThe Poets’ Jesus (Oxford).

Elizabeth Smither has published fifteen collections of poetry, four novels, and four short-story collections. Her most recent publications are the novel Different Kinds of Pleasure(Penguin) and a new collection of poems, The Year of Adverbs (Auckland).

Jack Stewart attended the University of Alabama and Emory University, where he received his doctorate, and was a Brittain Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His work has appeared in Poetry, Dark Horse Review, Gettysburg Review, Southern Humanities Review, and other journals and anthologies. He currently lives in Montgomery, Alabama, with his wife and two daughters, and teaches at the Montgomery Academy.

Christina Valentine received her MA in art criticism and critical theory at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. A former professor of art history at Biola University, she has contributed to many art periodicals including Flash Art International, Art/Text, and ArtWeek.

Bradford Winters is a screenwriter and poet and works for the Levinson/Fontana Company as a producer and writer in television. His credits include the HBO series Oz, and he is currently at work on his first feature film screenplay. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters.

photo overlooking a ridge of trees at sunset, the image is dusky peach and faint purple, smoke is rising from one of dense treetops.

Great Issues


The Last Book on the Shelf

old image of doctors and nurses gathered around operating table.

The Hippocratic Oath


The Renewable Vow


Scientific Method

abstract yellow bokeh in front of turquoise blue blurs

In Our Time


A Light Infused


A Song before Dying

abstract image of a flower presumably bursting into light, bokeh petals and tendrils

The Shadow Players


Atheism is Wasted on the Nonbeliever


Jerusalem Manor


Carol of the Infuriated Hour


A Fluid Compendium


Old River

forest of straight pine trees full of light

Carol of the Christ Child’s Garden



abstract and fuzzy photo of a forest shot through with light

Faith, Hope, Charity

painting of a still life of grapes figs and marrow

Bread for the Multitude


The Pragmatist’s Prayer


How Else Would God Enter?

photo of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. A long white table sits in a large, well lit hall. In the center of the table, Jesus stands, leaning over the table. Around him crowd his disciples, spread and talking amongst each other.

The Last Supper




Barry Krammes: Shepherd of the Wasteland

a group of seagulls flying across a blue sky, they are tinted yellow and gold from the afternoon sun

A Second Coming at Providence Plantation


What about God?


The Humiliation of the Word


A Geology of the Sacred: Stephen Cox Reopens the Ancient Quarries

shot of a the edge of the seashore, the water is dark and shiny, and low hanging dark and blue foreboding clouds low on the horizon.

This Morning’s Pep Talk at Egg Island


The Persistence of Faith

close up image of beautiful silvery feathers from a large bird

Signs and Wonders


A Conversation with Walter Brueggemann


Facts about the Moon

close up image of hospital IV drip tubes and bags.

Death Seat


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