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Issue 13


Issue 13 includes an excerpt from novel Baby Bluefin by Price Caldwell; interview with Bridge to Terabithia author Katherine Paterson; Robert Siegel’s poem Carrying the Father; an essay on the challenges of being both a Christian and an actor by Bruce Kuhn; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Apocalypse Tomorrow


Price Caldwell, Saying Yes 


Louis Simpson, Three Poems
Robert Siegel, Carrying the Father
Kate Daniels, Two Poems
Joseph Stanton, Two Poems
DeWitt Clinton, Two Poems
Todd Davis, Two Poems


A Conversation with Katherine Paterson

Visual Arts

Theodore Prescott, Wayne Forte: A Profile
Richard Freis, The Discipline of Images: The Art of Constance Pierce


Dana Gioia, To Witness to the Truth Uncompromised: Reflections on the Modern Martyrs 


Richard Alleva, Starring the Devil: Hollywood’s Uncertain Grasp of Evil

Life in the Industry

Bruce Kuhn, An Actor Prepares: Life Before (and After) Les Miz 


Richard Wilkinson on Elie Wiesel’s All Rivers Run to the Sea
Mark Filiatraeu on Mark Helprin’s Memoir from Antproof Case
Gregory Wolfe on Robert Morgan’s The Truest Pleasure and Durand and Massey’s Miracles on the Border



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