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Issue 25


In this issue, Gregory Wolfe defends irony, and in a long-form essay, explores what it means to be “stewards of culture”; Scott Cairns balances sacred tradition with individual creativity; and Nikki Grimes writes about her calling as a children’s author. With fiction by Rémy Rougeau and Tom Noyes; poems by Kathleen Norris, Luci Shaw, and Nancy Willard; and much more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, In Defense of Irony


Rémy Rougeau, Saints of the Desert
Tom Noyes, Truck’s Testament


Kathleen Norris, Return of the Swamp Thing
Suzanne U. Clark, Three Poems
William Wenthe, White Settlement
Dick Allen, The Devotion of Thomas Merton
Paul Grant, Sunny Hill
Luci Shaw, Upon Arrival from West Coast to be with Friends
Nancy Willard, Two Poems


A Conversation with Robert Coles

Visual Arts

Gordon Fuglie, Passion Paintings: The Art of Patty Wickman
Joel Sheesley, Wreckage and Rescue: The Art of Bradford Johnson


David Plante, Returning to Providence


Scott Cairns, Shaping What’s Given: Sacred Tradition and the Individual Talent
Gregory Wolfe, Art, Faith, and the Stewardship of Culture

Life in the Industry

Nikki Grimes, What I Know: My Calling as a Children’s Author

Book Review

David Impastato on David Craig’s The Roof of Heaven

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