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Issue 28


A conversation with poet Edward Hirsch; Judith Rock on the art of dance; Geoffrey Hill’s T.S. Eliot Prize acceptance speech; and the art of Robert Gober. Plus, fiction by Hwee Hwee Tan and Larry Woiwode; poems by Martha Serpas, Sara Hong, and Thomas Hawks; and more.



Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Playing with God


Hwee Hwee Tan, Resurrection
Ingrid Hill, Clara Destiny
Brock Brower, The Barnabus File


Martha Serpas, Three Poems
Sara Hong, Hide-and-Seek
Les Murray, At the Aquatic Carnival
John Terpstra, Two Poems
Kathleen Wakefield, Consider
William Miller, Two Poems
Thomas Hawks, New Testament


A Conversation with Edward Hirsch
A Conversation with Donna Jo Napoli, Eileen and Jerry Spinelli

Visual Arts

James Romaine, Closer to Heaven: The Art of Robert Gober


Geoffrey Hill, The T.S. Eliot Prize Acceptance Speech
Larry Woiwode, Dylan to CNN
Doug Thorpe, Rapture of the Deep: A Reflection on the Idea of the Wild


Judith Rock, Dancing in the Water: Reflections on Two Performances

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