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Issue 36


A conversation with illustrator Barry Moser; Mark Jarman on the vocation of the artist; Kate Campbell on writing her album Rosaryville; Gregory Wolfe on the criticism of James Wood; and a feature on young NYC artists. Plus, the psychological portraits of Catherine Prescott; poems by Bruce Bond, Diane Glancy, and Rodger Kamenetz; Erin McGraw in review; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Mending the Broken Estate


Ingrid Hill, The Ballad of Rappy Valcour
Caroline Langston, A World of Infinite Difference
Mary L. Tabor, The Woman Who Never Cooked


Dick Allen, Two Poems
Bruce Bond, Babel
Diane Glancy, How to Explain Christ to the Unsaved
Rodger Kamenetz, My Holocaust
Robert Siegel, Two Poems
John McAndrew, Father Ginsberg


A Conversation with Barry Moser

Visual Arts

Kate Daniels, Painting Poems: The Psychological Portraits of Catherine Prescott
Merrily Kerr, Surface Beauty: Nine Contemporary Artists


Mark Jarman, The Voice of this Calling: Art as Vocation
Ilana Blumberg, Houses of Study


Ann McCutchan, Opening

Life in the Industry

Kate Campbell, On the Road to Rosaryville

Book Review

Mary Kenagy Mitchell on Erin McGraw’s The Baby Tree

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