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Issue 38


Among many artists, the sense of isolation and the longing to find community, particularly a community that bridges the divide between art and faith, is palpable. In this special issue of Image, we asked a group of writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and other artists to address the idea of community. We wanted to find out how important community was to each artist, and where they found it. Plus, this issue features a conversation with poet Andrew Hudgins; fiction by Deborah Joy Corey; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Shaggy Dog Stories


Deborah Joy Corey, Transporting


Kathleen L. Housley, Lessons for a Young God
Dan Bellm, Three Poems
Bruce Beasley, Two Poems
Jennifer Moss, Two Poems
Jan Twardowski, Two Poems

Bringing Home the Work: The Artist & the Community

J.A.C. Redford
Ginger Geyer
Albert Haley
Ira Gold
Harold Fickett
Wayne Forte
Daniel Taylor
Bradford Winters
Chris Anderson
Albert Pedulla
Makoto Fujimura
Ben Frank Moss
Ted Rettig
Paul Mariani
Dan Wakefield
Roger Wagner
Jan Krist
Charlie Peacock
Greg Garrett
Jeanine Hathaway
Mary L. Tabor
Jeff Gundy
Doris Betts
Erin McGraw
Edward Knippers
Philip Bess
Guy Chase
Lauren F. Winner
Luci Shaw
Scott Derrickson
Leslie Leyland Fields


A Conversation with Andrew Hudgins


Ben Birnbaum, Morning Watch

Book Review

Caroline Langston on Aryeh Lev Stollman’s The Dialogues of Time and Entropy

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