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Issue 46 (Out of Print)

Warren Farha on building an independent bookstore; the hallucinatory art of Tim Hawkinson; and Lyanda Lynn Haupt on Darwin’s relationship to beauty. With a conversation with poet Gary Miranda; fiction by Geoff Wyss and Judith Boudreaux; poems by Julianna Baggott, Paul Mariani, and Bobby C. Rogers; and much more.



Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Secular Scriptures


Geoff Wyss, Kids Make Their Own Houses
Judith Boudreaux, The Poor Souls


Julianna Baggott, Two Poems
Catharine Savage Brosman, Figs
Jean Janzen, Two Poems
Terri Witek, Two Poems
Bobby C. Rogers, Winter
Paul Mariani, Three Poems
Dick Allen, Two Poems


A Conversation with Gary Miranda

Visual Arts

M.A. Greenstein, Ecstatic Uselessness: The Weird Tools of Tim Hawkinson
Gordon Fuglie, The Arc of Transcendence: The Paintings of Brian Mains

Life in the Industry

Warren Farha, That Which Is True Is Ours: How to Build an Independent Bookstore


Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Darwin, God, and the Nightingale’s Poem


David McGlynn, This Ain’t Living

Book Review

Virgil Nemoianu on Nicholas Boyle’s Sacred and Secular Scriptures

Deborah C. Bowen on Daniel Coleman’s The Scent of Eucalyptus

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