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Issue 85


It is difficult to find a language in which faith and science can speak to each other. For some, faith and science are competing systems of thought, and an intellectually responsible person must make a choice between them, especially when it comes to questions about the origins and development of life. For others, faith and science each have a place, but can have nothing to say to each other because they operate in entirely separate spheres.

It is our hope that art, with its capacity for metaphor, can translate between these schools. With that in mind, we decided to devote most of an issue of Image to fiction, poetry, essays, and art that explore the intersection between faith and science, with special attention to evolution.

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Editorial Statement

Brian Volck, No Better Place to End


Graham Hillard, Pavane for a Dead Princess
John F. Deane, Give Dust a Tongue


Pattiann Rogers, Three Poems
Margaret Gibson, Three Poems
Katy Didden, And I Will Look for You in Fields of Poppies
Carrie Fountain, Three Poems
Jeanne Murray Walker, Three Poems
John Terpstra, Orange and Spices
Judith Kunst, Prodigal Body
Kathleen L. Housley, Three Poems
Daniel Tobin, In the Beginning
Richard Chess, When God Dreamed Eve through Adam

Visual Arts

Mark Sprinkle, Ecologies of Knowing: What Natalie Settles Learned in the Lab


Kathleen L. Housley, A Conversation with Jeremy Begbie

Reading from Two Books: Nature, Scripture, and Evolution

Lynda Sexson
Calvin B. DeWitt
Camellia Freeman
Scott Russell Sanders
Fred Bahnson
Natalie Vestin
Toby Twining
Isaac Anderson
Susanne Paola Antonetta


Ryan Flanagan, Where Are You?


Morgan MeisLoren Eiseley’s Darwin’s Century
John F. Haught’s Science and Faith
Elizabeth A. Johnson’s Ask the Beasts
Philip Kitcher’s Living with Darwin

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