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Issue 5

Issue 5 includes paraphrased Psalms by Eugene Peterson; a poem on the development of lies from adolescence to adulthood by Marjorie Maddox; an excerpt from Virginia Stem Owen’s novel Generations of Women; an essay on poetry and religion by Paul Mariani; the photography of Michael Wilson; a short story by Erin McGraw; and more.



Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Silence, Cunning, and Exile 


Erin McGraw, The History of the Miracle
Virginia Stem Owens, Organic Chemistry 


C.H. Sisson, Two Poems
Scott Cairns, From The Recovered Midrashim of Rabbi Sab
Marjorie Maddox, The Truth of Lies, The Lies of Truth


A Conversation with Larry Woiwode


Eugene H. Peterson, The Psalms: A New Translation 

The Visual Arts

Terrence E. Dempsey, S.J., The Tragic Sense of Life: The Art of Jim Morphesis


Ron Hansen, Writing as Sacrament
Paul Mariani, The Ineffability of What Counts: Some Notes on Poetry and Christianity


Michael Wilson, From the exhibition Jesus Loves Me


Ronald Austin, A Loving Glance: James Agee and the Movies


John Mason Hodges, The Avant-Garde and Henryk Górecki

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