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Issue 50


The haunting oil paintings of Odd Nerdrum; Frederick Buechner in review; and Gregory Wolfe on his role as editor over Image’s first fifty issues. Plus, poetry by Atar Hadari, Amit Majmudar, Shara McCallum, and Elizabeth Biller Chapman; an interview with Clyde Edgerton; Ann McCutchan on Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time; baseball fiction; and more.



Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Scenes from an Editorial Life


Carol K. Howell, The Demon’s Debut
Ingrid Hill, A Leopard, a Moment, in Moonlight
J. Alicia Shank, Community Relations


Amit Majmudar, Two Poems
Atar Hadari, Two Poems
Judith Harris, Two Poems
Elizabeth Smither, Two Poems
Theodore Worozbyt, Two Poems
Dan Bellm, Two Poems
Shara McCallum, Two Poems
Elizabeth Biller Chapman, Elements of January


A Conversation with Clyde Edgerton

Visual Arts

Matthew Ballou, Second Horizon: The Changing Vision of Odd Nerdrum


Ann McCutchan, Reaching for the End of Time


Jessica Mesman Griffith, It’s a Wonderful Life

Book Review

Julie Mullins on Frederick Buechner’s Secrets in the Dark

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