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Issue 51


A conversation with Franz Wright; Patricia C. Pongracz on the urban photography of Larry Racioppo; Sister Wendy Beckett looks at Jila Peacock’s Ten Poems from Hafez; and Andrew Hudgins finds consolation in comedy. With poems by Philip Levine, Amy McCann, and Brett Foster; fiction by Diane Glancy and Lorraine López; and more

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Keeping a Private Address


Diane Glancy, The Man Who Said Yellow
Kelcey Parker, Ithaca
Lorraine M. López, Human Services


Philip Levine, Two Poems
Jeffrey Harrison, Visitation Rights
Timothy Kelly, Two Poems
Amy McCann, Two Poems
Brett Foster, Two Poems
Nicholas Samaras, Two Poems
Lisa Williams, Two Poems
Fleda Brown, Two Poems


A Conversation with Franz Wright

Visual Arts

Patricia C. Pongracz, The Word on the Street: The Photographs of Larry Racioppo
Sister Wendy Beckett, The Intoxicating Eye: On Looking at Jila Peacock’s Ten Poems from Hafez


Todd Shy, Recovering Evangelical: Reflections of an Erstwhile Christ Addict


Andrew Hudgins, Gladly, the Cross-eyed Bear: The Consolation of Comedy

Book Review

D.S. Martin on Margaret Avison’s Momentary Dark

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