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Issue 54


A conversation with Godfried Cardinal Danneels; poet Gregory Orr searches out the Beloved; the riotous music of James MacMillan; and new fiction by Gina Ochsner and David McGlynn. With poems by Mark Jarman, Jennifer Grotz, and Kathleen Housley; an exploration of the paintings of James Munce; Robert Cording on drowning Narcissus; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Looking for a Renaissance


David McGlynn, The Newest Thing in the World
Gina Ochsner, The Tower
Elaine Neil Orr, Day Lilies


Gregory Orr, How Beautiful the Beloved
Mark Jarman, Three Poems
Kathleen L. Housley, The Cartographer of Disaster
Jennifer Grotz, Two Poems
Shane McCrae, Two Poems
Carol Ann Davis, Two Poems
Fred Marchant, Three Poems


A Conversation with Godfried Cardinal Danneels

Visual Arts

Gordon Fuglie, Vanishing into the Work: The Franciscan Labors of James Munce


Robert Cording, The Revolt against Narcissus


Michael Capps, Warld in a Roar: The Music of James MacMillan


Leslie Leyland Fields, Find Our Names

Book Review

Sarah Ruden on Sam Fentress’s Bible Road

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