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Issue 79


New fiction by Mary Gordon and Susanna Childress; Bill Coyle on listening to Leonard Cohen; poems by B.H. Fairchild and Anya Krugovoy Silver; and a conversation with poet Julia Spicher Kasdorf. Plus, Gregory Wolfe enters the intellectual ring with Dana Gioia as they ask, are there any good Catholic writers anymore? With a feature on the art of James Mellick, Jennifer Anne Moses, and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, The Catholic Writer, Then and Now


Mary Gordon, The Neighbor

Susanna Childress, Looking Good


A.E. Stallings, Cyprian Variations

Rodger Kamenetz, How Do You Market Prayers?, Radiant Energy

B.H. Fairchild, Rothko

Anya Krugovoy Silver, Ya-Quddus, By Other Names, Three Roses

Dana Littlepage Smith, This Is Not about Looking Like a Success, And If Jesus Asked You to Breakfast?

Marjorie Stelmach, Cellar Door

Richard Michelson, Forgiveness

Todd Davis, In a Dream William Stafford Visits Me, Homily


A Conversation with Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Visual Arts

Karen L. Mulder, Allegorical Strays: The Art and Craft of James Mellick

Caroline Langston, Insider/Outsider/In: The Art of Jennifer Anne Moses


Linda Hogan, Ways of the Cranes

Bill Coyle, Heart’s Companion: Listening to Leonard Cohen

Francisco X. Stork, Meditations on Writing and Lawyering


Nathan Poole, Christopher R. Beha’s What Happened to Sophie Wilder
Paul Harding’s Enon
Jamie Quatro’s I Want to Show You More

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