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Issue 88


International fiction by Adonis and Yossel Birstein, and poetry by Jorge Esquinca; Minister Nate Klug on the intersection of ministry and poetry; and an interview with the acclaimed writer George Saunders on his evolving faith journey. Plus, Gregory Wolfe shares his influential encounters with Annie Dillard; Molly McCully Brown sheds light on shadows of doubt in her personal essay; and Lauren F. Winner reviews new works by Aviya Kushner and Carol Harrison. With poetry by Anya Krugovoy Silver, Pádraig J. Daly, Robert Cording, and more.

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 Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Annie Spans the Gap


Yossel Birstein, The Broom
Elizabeth Alamonte, The Promised Land
Maureen McGranaghan, The Wedding Season


Jorge Esquinca, Nostalghia

Pádraig J. Daly, Mary
Holding Away the Dark

Adonis, A Bridge to Job

Robert Cording, Backyard Apotheosis
Again to Port Soderick

Anya Krugovoy Silver, Raven
Ash Wednesday, Unshowered

Diane Glancy, The Lord Spoke to the Fish

Julie L. Moore, Full Thunder Moon


Visual Arts

Gordon L. Fuglie, Levity and Gravity:  
The Sculpture of David Robinson

Nicole Miller, Ritual Images: 
The Autobiographies of Ira Lippke



W. Brett Wiley, A Conversation with George Saunders


Nate Klug, Listening Unfolding:
Notes on Ministry and Poetry


Molly McCully Brown, Bent Body, Lamb

Book Review

Lauren F. Winner, Aviya Kushner’s The Grammar of God,
Carol Harrison’s The Art of Listening
in the Early Church

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