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Poetry Friday: “Early Morning on the B Line From Vero Beach to Orlando After a Poetry Festival”

By Claude WilkinsonMarch 9, 2018

Wilkinson welcomes us into his poem with ease and familiarity, referencing “Sean” and “Jens” like we are all old friends chatting to kill time on our commute. The conversation begins with the mention of the “anaconda / they had found once / in Sean’s cattle pasture” and moves swiftly through visceral, associative memories: cleaning pigskins,…

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Poetry Friday: “Prodigal”

By Richard JonesFebruary 2, 2018

Jones’ poem “Prodigal” welcomes us into an inviting family scene. We can easily visualize the speaker and his father “watching the children / playing tag on the lawn and running in circles,” and we can feel the immediacy of the “aged father” as he “leans toward me ever so slightly / and out of nowhere…

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