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Wish Upon a Lone Star

By Bradford WintersOctober 19, 2010

In hindsight, Shooting Star might have been a more fitting title for the fall schedule’s breakout network drama, given the advance blaze of glory with which Lone Star appeared on FOX, only to promptly disappear after two episodes due to dismal ratings. Originally titled Midland for the small Texas town in which it was partially…

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Sleepless in the City

By Laura Bramon GoodJuly 10, 2008

I can’t sleep in hotel rooms. The fluorescent lights, the vent’s false breeze, the sealed-off city behind its funeral parlor curtains—all of it triggers a feeling of body-lessness, a sense that every other pulse available to me is inhuman. Lonesome nights on work trips always end with me sprawled across a giant bed, contemplating the…

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Why I Watch Sex and the City

By Kelly FosterJune 23, 2008

So I may as well confess it here. I am a ritual watcher of sitcoms. When I am lonely, when I am hurt, when I am confused, ambivalent, frightened, insecure, I watch sitcoms. After a particularly debilitating break-up last fall, I spent a solid month watching nothing but episodes of The Office, which worked to…

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Why Battlestar Galactica is So Frakking Great

By Gregory WolfeJune 8, 2008

One of the perils of editing a journal of high culture (and publicly lamenting the dumbing down of the culture generally) is that people assume I’m an art snob. Few seem willing to say this directly to my face, but a couple of the more candid folks out there have told me they imagine me…

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Who Would Jesus Deport?

By Bradford WintersJune 5, 2008

Synchronicity is not a word I often associate with the random glut of prime-time television. But when a glancing look at the Tuesday night schedule last week revealed a Frontline special on immigration at the same hour as a History Channel segment on Noah’s Flood, I could sense a coincidence too good to pass up.…

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