_____What is truth
That truth-telling is like theft
Under your odd, local laws?
Your own kind call you scofflaw.
In fact, they prefer a thief.
We don’t nail your type in Rome;
Preach, and we just stroll past you
_____And your truth.

_____What is truth
Anyway but a king thief
Talking his way past the law?
I’m not saying I’m the law—
That lie would make me a thief.
I’m a citizen of Rome,
And I just don’t know what you
_____Mean by truth.

_____What is truth,
Tell me, because some spit Thief!
While others swear you’re the Law.
I, too, am a man of law,
Foe of cutthroat and street thief,
But I can’t just let you roam
Here among the local youth.
_____What is truth?

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