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The Open-Armed, Beckoning Embrace

By Thomas Lynch Essay

In much the same way as acute myocardial infarction becomes the final fatal symptom of coronary artery disease, my daughter’s leap from the Golden Gate Bridge was the final fatal symptom of the depression, the melancholia, the psychological distress she’d suffered from most of her life.

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By Jeffrey Utzinger Essay

I am most excited about the exotic delight of oyster crackers, a delicacy I’ve eaten only in this basement at the annual Hebron Lutheran Church Oyster Supper.

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Stories to Think With: Fiction as a Mode of Inquiry

By Mary Lane Potter Culture

Clarice Lispector. The Complete Stories. Translated by Katrina Dodson. Edited by Benjamin Moser. New Directions, 2015. Kevin McIlvoy. Is It So? Glimpses, Glyphs, and Found Novels. WTAW Press, 2023. Alva Noë. Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature. Hill and Wang, 2015.   HOW TO BEAR HAPPINESS?” That’s the question a character identified only as “Number…

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Midsummer Vigil

By Nicole Parsons Essay

Now these voices hover around the belfry and bellow out Pray every day that you’ll see things.
I have. I’ve worked and watched. This was not the answer I wanted.

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By Katie Kresser Culture

Sham is subtractive, but I, a being, am aggregate. Creation is aggregate. Human creativity is, in its deepest dynamics, aggregate and productive. Let us ornament ourselves, yes, but not toward the end of erasure. Let our adornments extend our penumbrae, our enveloping souls, into the ether that melts into heaven, stacking glory upon glory as cell and organ, skin and fur, aura and crown, radiate the Life that animates all.

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By Jennifer McGaha Essay

Finally, you add a layer of cookies, and—voila!—a chessboard. Then you let the whole thing sit in the refrigerator until the cookies get soft, and, oh, sweet Jesus, it is so gloriously rich, so simple but so good, like the very best things about Appalachia, sweet iced tea and ghost fireflies and steep, winding roads leading nowhere in particular and everywhere all at once

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