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Boy in a Blue Sweatshirt

By Jessie Van Eerden Essay

I RECALL THE FACE OF A BOY wearing a blue sweatshirt, and I want to tell him that I’ve fallen in love and that I saw a fox midday like a flare, that I saw a black bear in the laurel just this evening and that the roar of life is in me. And I…

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Running the Whale’s Back

By Samuel Thomas Martin Short Story

The following excerpt is from the novel A Blessed Snarl, forthcoming from Breakwater Books in 2012.   THE WEATHERMAN’S HAND sweeps from Labrador down Newfoundland’s fanged north coast to Saint John’s, his finger squiggling from there down to Renews: the sea white against green land. He’s talking about winds rifling in from the north. The…

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