For the word is living and active
…………—Hebrews 4:12

Irene, a girl’s name. Irenology. Studies in peace.
How does peace circulate?

Open in Ezra and paging to Nehemiah,
——–I contemplate exiles rebuilding temple walls.

I thought, is this a form of peace studies?

Confess our sins. Our inability to perform
——-a divinely ordained task by our own strength.
Rejoice in God’s favor and presence. Carry fragrant
beams of cedar.
Cherish silver and gold restored to our possession.

———————As we lay hands on our settlements,
walk through ruined spaces where our ancestors once lived.

In open air, stand in circles and weep.
——–The circles grow larger until they break open
to join one circumference.
Motion of light. God unseals bottles of effervescence
—————silent all these years, now singing.

Yes, the light is still there. Holy Spirit.
Effervescence pours a gold river over our fields. Overflows.
The alpha and omega, as deep calls to deep, still there.
In the wilderness.
Let us now call this our home.
——————————-From peace to praise.

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