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In the Shining
Book it says

Moses existed
before he existed

at first above
in the spirit world

and then among us
like a light


child of the Blessed Holy One
who is a man of war

and child of the Blessed Holy One
the glamorous moon

divine mother and lover,
this, this—light that had to be hidden

coupling with him
in both worlds


what did you see, Moses my teacher
in your descent from there

helpless as you were
like us then

were there animals
on the cave walls

did you see the lions
did you see the bull


The Shining Book says you saw
the world

being created fresh every day
for forty days

and it was too much
and you couldn’t stand it

you broke the tablets
you covered your face


you came down
from the mountain

but the light
still streamed out

and was too much
and frightened us all

maybe it was light
some thought it was horns

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