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English Library, Yali School

By Jacqueline Osherow Poetry

The ancients,” she says, “thought rivers began in heaven.” / Don’t they? But I’m too amazed to listen. / “We have the same words,” I say. “In our ancient Bible / all the rivers run to the sea. But ours return.

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Antigo Silt

By Tyler Smith Poetry

Preacher-lady donned her slender catch of cloth / & ushered folk in. She said a few words, had us linger / with loneliness awhile.

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By Sara Lupita Olivares Poetry

to place the logic of the visible at the service of the invisible / Odilon Redon writes of painting a vase of flowers”

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By Tim DeJong Poetry

In the myth, Adam, the man, labors above / warm red earth, voracious earth that takes / the life it gives into itself, as soon replenishes… / What have we done, or what through us was done?

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