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Issue 22


Image‘s tenth anniversary issue includes a symposium on the state of the arts: reflecting on the developments of different genres; poems by Eric Pankey and Katherine Soniat; a short story re-telling the life of Saint Peter by Romulus Linney; Erin McGraw on the changing of faith over time; and more.





Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Bearing the Image


Romulus Linney, The Saint and the Magician
Rubén Degollado, Host


Eric Pankey, Four Poems
Robert Cording, Two Poems
William Coleman, Three Poems
Katherine Soniat, Two Poems
Jeanine Hathaway, Four Poems
James J. McAuley, Brother Cornelius
Morri Creech, Two Poems


A Conversation with Oscar Hijuelos

The Visual Arts

Makoto Fujimara, River Grace
Richard Davey, Sacred Light: The Art of Richard Kenton Webb


The State of the Arts: Scott Cairns, Harold Fickett, Gillette Elvgren, Theodore Prescott, John Mason Hodges, Jan Krist, et al.


James Calvin Schaap, The Christian Writer and His Community


Erin McGraw, My Parents’ Religion


William Coleman on Andrew Hudgin’s Babylon in a Jar
Jen Bryant on Joshua Clover’s Madonna Anno Domini

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