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Issue 26 (Out of Print)

A conversation with Wendell Berry; Ann Patchett explores the language of faith; and Gregory Wolfe enlarges the “stock of available reality.” Plus, speculations and devotions by Eric Pankey; poems by Albert Goldbarth, Lynn Powell, and Gary Miranda; the video art of Bill Viola; and more.



Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, The Stock of Available Reality


Jon Hassler, Winning Sarah Spooner
David Borofka, My Life as a Mystic


Lynn Powell, Epiphany
Albert Goldbarth, The Story of X
Paul Mariani, Two Poems
Barbara Seaman, Two Poems
Gary Miranda, Three Poems
Kevin Meaux, Two Poems
Catherine Sasanov, Some Words for an Anonymous Exvoto
Daniel James Sundahl, The Monastery Cemetary


A Conversation with Wendell Berry

Visual Arts

David Morgan, Spirit and Medium: The Video Art of Bill Viola


Ann Patchett, The Language of Faith
Peggy Rosenthal, Jesus Through Poets’ Eyes: A Millennial Reflection


Eric Pankey, Speculations and Devotions


Virginia Stem Owens, The Hour of Our Death

Life in the Industry

Stephanie Cowell, Travels with My Sons

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