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Issue 27


With poems by Mary Oliver! Plus, Dennis Covington on the azure-hooded jay; Wayne Roosa on the paintings of Ed Blackburn; Murray Bodo on the life of Denise Levertov; fiction by Deborah Joy Corey and Walter Wangerin Jr; and much more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Transfiguration


Walter Wangerin, Jr., From Paul: A Novel
Deborah Joy Corey, The Tongues of Angels


Mary Oliver, Three Poems
Daniel Corrie, Voice of Glass
James Hoggard, Three Poems
Allison Funk, Three Poems
Floyd Skloot, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec on the Way to Père Tanguy’s
Elizabeth Spires, Two Poems
Paul Dunlap, Three Poems


A Conversation with Sister Wendy Beckett

Visual Arts

Wayne Roosa, Both Edges at Once: The Bible Paintings of Ed Blackburn


Ben Birnbaum, How to Pray: Reverence, Stories, and the Rebbe’s Dream
Dennis Covington, The Problem of the Azure-Hooded Jay


Murray Bodo, OFM, Denise Levertov: A Memoir and Appreciation


A.G. Harmon, Ordered Chaos: The Films of Paul Thomas Anderson

Life in the Industry

Norman Lear, Re-writing the Bottom Line: Hollywood, Profits, and the Life of the Spirit

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