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Issue 29


An issue packed with prose! Essays by Eugene Peterson, Mary Kenagy Mitchell, Erin McGraw, and Jean-Luc Marion; Brooks Williams on recording music; Gregory Wolfe on how biblical stories are continually told “under the strangest of guises”; and Larry Lockridge on one of America’s most noted postwar painters, Don Eddy. Plus, poems by Robert Cording, Patricia Hooper, and Walt McDonald; a conversation with Pattiann Rogers; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Fugitive Energies


Mary Kenagy Mitchell, Loud Lake
Erin McGraw, The Best Friend
Christine Lehner, The Merits of Bats


Mark Jarman, Two Poems
Kathleen L. Housley, Adam Dreams of Darwin’s Finch
Robert Cording, Three Poems
John McAndrew, Notes from a Thirty-Day Retreat
Patricia Hooper, Where I Was
Robert Manaster, Two Poems
Walt McDonald, Two Poems


A Conversation with Pattiann Rogers

Visual Arts

Larry Lockridge, The Changes of Don Eddy
Terrence E. Dempsey, SJ, Analogy, Meaning, and Religious Experience in Contemporary Abstract Art


Eugene Peterson, The Beauty of Holiness
Jean-Luc Marion, The Blind Man of Siloe
Lisa Yanover, In the Valley of Ghosts

Life in the Industry

Brooks Williams, Conversations without Words

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