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Issue 59


A conversation with poet and undertaker Thomas Lynch; Daniel Siedell considers modern art for modern Christians; Gregory Wolfe seeks parallels between the Renaissance and today; and Kathleen Norris meets the noonday demon. With poems by Khaled Mattawa, Lia Purpura, Amit Majmudar, and Tara Bray; fiction by Thea Swanson and Bruce McAllister; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Giotto’s Ratio


Thea Swanson, Stuck in Crafts
Bruce McAllister, Sun and Stone


Daniel Tobin, Two Poems
Nicholas Samaras, Four Poems
Lia Purpura, Two Poems
Jeffrey Thomson, Two Poems
Chris Forhan, Two Poems
Khaled Mattawa, Two Poems
Jill Alexander Essbaum, Apologia
Tara Bray, Two Poems
Amit Majmudar, Answers from the Whirlwind


A Conversation with Thomas Lynch

Visual Arts

James Romaine, Active Sight: Vija Celmins and Jackson Pollock from Pictorialism to Perception
Daniel A. Siedell, Altars to the Unknown God: Modern Art for Modern Christians


Pattiann Rogers, Born, Again and Again
Artur Grabowski, Unapologetic Visibility


Kathleen Norris, Psyche, Soul, and Muse
Jessie van Eerden, Boy in a Blue Sweatshirt

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