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My HIV Test

By Paul LuikartJune 20, 2016

Here’s something I never told my parents: some years ago I got an HIV test. I was working and living at a Catholic Worker house in Phoenix, a place I wound up after college. I had a freshly conferred bachelor’s degree in creative writing (not exactly bait for corporate recruiters) and a swirling head full…

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The Thirst Is Good

By Elizabeth DuffyFebruary 26, 2016

When my husband and I were in the very early stages of our relationship, we both hid from each other that we used tobacco. He chewed. I smoked. But we’d been set up because both of our families were churchy. He thought I was a pious Catholic girl who might be turned off by his…

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Smoke Break

By Dyana HerronJune 25, 2015

I never thought I would be a smoker. When I was young—maybe five or six—I hid in a closet and sobbed after seeing my mom light a cigarette in the kitchen of a friend’s house.

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