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Parting the Veil

By Christiana PetersonOctober 12, 2016

The light on the ceiling of our bedroom is slanted in a parody of the open doorway, letting in the blue glow of a nightlight from the hall. This nightly and usually innocuous shape hides something in the darkness tonight; I see it creeping in the light box, plotting something against me, about to attack.…

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Flying into Fear, Part 1

By Tania RunyanApril 20, 2016

Years ago, I worked with a woman who sold her car after a spider’s nest fell on the roof. Although her husband seemed to have cleared all spiders from the interior, she could not bring herself to open that door. Ever again. I knew another woman who took anti-anxiety meds regularly on the off chance…

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You and Me and Mel Gibson

By Tony WoodliefJune 22, 2011

In Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, a man races against predators and time to rescue his family from a deep pit, which rains threaten to fill. Breathless and bloody, hounded by vicious enemies, he doesn’t know if he’ll make it in time, or if he’ll be able to do anything but fall down and die when he…

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Suffer the Little Children

By Laura BramonSeptember 3, 2009

For seven months, I passed through a season of voices, visitations, strange votes from a memory that would have me believe this friend had touched my hand, that one had risen from the dead. I woke most mornings parched and oddly drunk on whatever I had dreamed, my body full of pain. I finally went…

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