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Rabies and Angels (Love in a Hopeless Place)


c I was reeding you
see I was reading you
sí I was red in you

ICU, Four a.m.


In the dark, everyone is kind.

Danny and Newt


The hells they reproach are strewn around them like asphodel. Above, the Milky Way shines in broad daylight, a hundred billion burning strips of paper.



Chaplaincy was magnificent, and then suddenly it wasn’t.

Besides, Before, Beyond Beauty


I’m tired of beauty. Or rather, I’m tired of hearing the word “beauty” overused and misapplied.

Juliane Koepcke Survives Lansa Flight 508 
by Falling Through the Branches “As in a Boat”


It would be fine my mother said, as we boarded the plane back from school, the taste of ginger from the holiday still riding my back teeth.

The Dead Class


The loneliness of the dead. How they are isolated by what they know about themselves and about us.



There are two ways to marry: right and wrong.

In the Studio: Antonius Roberts


We all need a rosary, whether we’re Catholic or not.

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