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Silence Is Sufficient Grace


Today I am going to try not knowing, learn little and get nothing out of it.

The Cult of the Beheaded


The dead who walk the streets might be a relic of the past, something your Sicilian grandma might tell you about, but the Sanctuary of the Souls of the Beheaded is very much alive.

Motherhood: A Visual Contract


Leni Dothan examines and critiques how motherhood has been presented in western art history.

What Was Promised


I wonder sometimes if these words are like the golden calf: molten, as in a flame, and shaped by doubt.

Rabies and Angels (Love in a Hopeless Place)


c I was reeding you
see I was reading you
sí I was red in you



Chaplaincy was magnificent, and then suddenly it wasn’t.

Walking in Circles


I get lost easily, even now.

In Consequence


Joyous and broken, we stared at our hands, folded, strangely unable to pray.

I Had a Little Trouble Believing in God


Growing old is a form of gloating decay where your deepest lines are written by laughter and gravity.

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