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A Web Exclusive Interview with Gregory and Suzanne Wolfe

By Mary Kenagy Mitchell Interview

  As Image celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, we decided to ask Gregory and Suzanne M. Wolfe, the founders of the journal, a little bit about how it all began.   Image: Before we get to the matter of why you both founded Image, let me ask a different question. Who were you—as people—when you…

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By Franz Wright Poetry

1. February 2, 2008: Learning the Rosary Birth is the first affliction but there is no birth. Birth is the beginning of endless affliction ending finally in dying but there is no death. This has never been explained to me in words, but mutilations. I watch you watching something from the window and smiling in…

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Christmas Morning in a Hotel Room

By Carrie Fountain Poetry

Out the window, the parking lot and beyond that, the highway. No doubt something important began or ended precisely there, or there, in that spot where the ice-white rental car is idling neatly, clouds of exhaust billowing up like hope, like the hope of the Christ child, silent in his mother’s arms, finally silent after…

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Manifest, by Reason of Birth

By Pattiann Rogers Poetry

Stars and the sun are not eternal. They flare. They wither. The earth and its high mountains, its tors and spires, aspen groves, scarred and broken bristlecone pines, torrential blizzards, are not eternal.                                            Rivers and seas change courses, alter shores, appear, dwindle, vanish. The rampant floras, birds, reptiles, and mammals of tropical forests…

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