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The sound of water over rocks
is grace descending

The sound of animals in the distance
is the future coming toward us

The sound of light sliding over light
is God’s name being whispered to us

The sound of a door swinging open on its hinges
is our entrance into his garden

There all sounds intermingle
water light songs hats shoes and roses

The sound of crackling flames
mortality’s inner signaling

The sound of screeching brakes
the devil’s near defeat

The sound of cries for help
the heart’s compassionate response

The sound of knives being sharpened
the soul’s anticipation of release

The sound of a baby’s gurgles
God’s angels happily memorizing

The sound of deer bounding away
our silent amazement at his perfection

A beloved voice in the dark
the sound of his near assistance

Our last sigh in this life
his cordial greeting

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