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Morgan Meis

In keeping with our theme for Image’s 25th anniversary—“Making It New”—our Artist of the Month features this year will showcase a younger generation of artists and writers. Morgan Meis is not dead yet. But that’s no reason not to go ahead and read him now. With his wide-ranging reading and viewing habits, deadpan wit, and…

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Nicole Sheets

The personal writing of Nicole Sheets radiates a gracious humor and an eye for the telling detail that opens up a world. Hers is nonfiction that reads a bit like fiction, in that the voice feels stylish and controlled; her facts and lines of dialogue work with wonderful economy, creating character, mood, and story all…

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Matthew Milliner

Matthew Milliner may be a specialist in Byzantine art, but in the scope of his writing he is a true Renaissance man. Just lately, this prolific polymath has written or spoken on art and justice, the advent of post-secular academia, sex and mysticism, how neo-pagans saved the Christian understanding of Advent, and in Image issue 75,…

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Jim Hinch

Jim Hinch is one of our favorite practitioners of that deeply satisfying form, literary journalism. His beat is California, and his writing is thoroughly grounded in that region’s landscape, work, and eclectic mix of cultures—ancient and modern, glamorous and seedy, hedonistic and devout. Whether he’s writing about art and drug recovery in East Los Angeles,…

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Michael McGregor

The best creative nonfiction is often difficult to categorize. Long-form literary journalism, popular magazine writing, memoir, biography, theology, history, experimental writing—there are so many vocabularies to draw from that the possible combinations seem almost infinite. In capable hands, the blending of nonfiction forms produces some of the most interesting and engaging writing being produced today.…

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Hwee Hwee Tan

Novelist Hwee Hwee Tan uses dialogue the way Bach used melodic lines, weaving disparate elements for the sheer fun of it—she blends the ancient and modern, Singaporean and British, high culture and low. She has an ear for human speech, the way it betrays our histories, governs our present encounters, and shapes what we become.…

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