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Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

With wisdom, humor, and refreshing honesty, blogger and journalist Dorcas Cheng-Tozun writes about marriage, work, and crossing cultural boundaries. After business school, her husband helped found what has become a multinational social enterprise that provides solar-powered products for households without access to reliable electricity—and where she also worked for a time. The business has taken…

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Allison Grace Myers

Fiction writer and essayist Allison Grace Myers has suffered her whole life from a condition called anosmia—the lack of a sense of smell. Given how intertwined smell is with emotion and memory, is it any wonder that coming to understand her condition prompted her to ask questions not only about perception but also language, her…

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Nate Klug

Nate Klug’s standout essay in Image issue 88 wrestles with balancing the inward-looking discipline of poetry with the outward-looking one of being a pastor—two callings that make deep demands on the soul, and on a person’s time. His prose is lucid and elegant; it feels old-fashioned in that the sentences are finely shaped, but also fresh…

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Ryan Masters

The choices new parents make around birth can feel terrifyingly political. The outpouring of opinions and advice can make it seem like the things we choose, and the things that happen to us, are reflections of our deepest character, of who we are and what we deserve. In certain arenas, people are quick to judge…

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Mike Smith

We read a lot of essays on grief, but Mike Smith’s on the death of his first wife took us by surprise. An essayist, poet, and translator, Mike Smith lost his wife to cancer when their second child was an infant. His essay on her death felt surprising because of how it’s framed—it’s beautifully bookended…

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Lynda Sexson

Lynda Sexson is an amphibious writer—she slips easily across the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction, science and philosophy, personal essay and thought-piece. Fiction and nonfiction are not separate categories but a continuum for her, as are the natural and supernatural worlds. Like a classical essayist, she often begins in pursuit of a question, and she’ll…

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Jeffrey L. Kosky

Essayist Jeff Kosky is a natural teacher—by day, he’s a professor of religion at Washington & Lee University—who writes engagingly and provocatively about religion and philosophy. No abstruse academic, he makes what might seem like dry subjects personal, urgent, full of story and drama, and even funny. His essay on Robert Smithson’s land sculpture Spiral…

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Nick Ripatrazone

Unless you live in New Jersey, you probably cannot get Nick Ripatrazone to come over to your house for dinner, which is a shame, because he has the marks of a marvelous conversationalist. Fortunately, he blogs prolifically at The Millions and his writing appears all over the internet, so we can all enjoy him from…

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Chris Hoke

As a prison chaplain with Tierra Nueva in Washington State’s Skagit Valley, Chris Hoke works with men whose lives are marked by gangs, addiction, violence, and mental illness. In his recent book Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders, he writes about this world with a blend of humor, tenderness, and humility.…

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D.L. Mayfield

We can still remember exactly where we were sitting when we first pulled an essay by D.L. Mayfield out of the stack of unsolicited manuscripts. In the space of a few sentences, we were transported from an airy, subway-tiled Seattle coffee shop to a crowded apartment complex in Minneapolis full of immigrant families. The writing…

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